Piero Alessandra

Fotografo/a e Video, Uomo, 54 anni
Piero Alessandra since the early college years he began to take an interest in photography as a way of expression and communication; during those years he collaborated with the Italian magazines Pan Arte, Pegasus and other by publishing articles and photographs.
In the seventies, the Italian Technical Research Centre Cinema conferred him the qualification of photographer with the best grade and honours.
He collaborated with the Italian newspapers, local television, and published articles and pictures for many other national magazines. He also collaborated with editors for the creation and publication of art books and he began an intense photographic cooperation with painters, sculptors, models and gallery owners.
In 1980 he had his first trip to Africa, then from 1997 up to now he has traveled all around the world. Since 2000 he has specialized in studio portrait and fine art printing.
He publish photo books and participate to photographic contests, obtaining recommendation and awards.
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